Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstract submissions will close on Monday, March 25, 2024
Abstracts will be announced on Friday, April 5, 2024

Abstracts should be submitted to iucls@bioascend.com

Abstract text
  • Word count: 700 (inclusive of title and abstract text)
  • Font: Arial; Font Size: 11
Abstract Structure

Structure is permitted, but not required: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions

  • Multiple paragraphs are permitted
  • Do not use bold or underline formatting; italics are permitted
  • Use numerals to indicate numbers unless they are at the beginning of a sentence
  • References are to be cited within the text, not as footnotes
  • Figures and Tables are not included in the text count and must be uploaded as separate files. See below for file guidelines
  • Please ensure any symbols are viewable and accurate after entering your abstract
Abstract Title
  • Should objectively describe the study
  • Should be in sentence case
  • Should use generic rather than proprietary drug names
  • Should not allude to a result or conclusion of the study
Abstract Type
  • Abstract
  • All types of clinic-based and laboratory-based research projects relating to lymphoma are eligible for submission. 
If a clinical trial, indicate if the trial has been registered, the registry, and the registration number.
  • Figures and tables
    • Figures and tables must be submitted as images and thus do not count towards the character count limit. Files should be shared as jpeg, png or gif. PDF and TIF files are not permitted.
Suggestions for Formatting Your Poster
  • Format of poster is LANDSCAPE (horizontal).
  • Place heading in large-sized type at the top of the board.
  • List the title and all authors.
  • All material should be readable from distances of three feet or more.
  • You are strongly encouraged to use typeface that is at least 3/8″ high (22 pt. minimum).
  • Use bold type to ensure legibility.
  • Charts, drawings, and illustrations should be similar to those you would use in making PowerPoint slides.
  • If photographs are used, have them processed with a matte or dull finish for printed posters.
  • Please include your email address so that attendees can follow up with you on any questions related to your poster.
Printing, Shipping, and Displaying Your Poster
  • Printing and shipping of your poster should be arranged independently. The conference organizers will not be responsible for receiving, storing, or displaying any posters on-site.
    • If you will be shipping your poster, please ship to (posters should arrive no earlier than 4/17):
      • Your Name
      • C/O International Ultmann Chicago Lymphoma Symposium
      • Westin Chicago River North – 320 N. Dearborn St
      • Chicago, IL 60654
  • Posters will be on display during the entire symposium.
  • Please plan to hang your poster Friday, April 19 by 12 p.m. CT and plan to remove your poster by Saturday, April 20 by 2 p.m. CT.
    • Push pins will be provided by symposium organizer