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Academy of Next Wave of Investigators – Abstracts

Abstract submission guidelines  

Abstract text 

Word count: 700 (inclusive of title and abstract text) 
Font: Arial; Font Size: 11 
The suggested structure is outlined below; however, it is not required: 

Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions 
Multiple paragraphs are permitted. 
• Do not use bold or underline formatting; italics are permitted. 
• Use numerals to indicate numbers unless they are at the beginning of a sentence. 
• References are to be cited within the text, not as footnotes. 
• Figures and Tables are not included in the text count and must be uploaded as separate files. See below for file guidelines. 
• Please ensure any symbols are viewable and accurate after entering your abstract. 


The title should objectively describe the study. 
• The title should be in sentence case. 
Please use generic rather than proprietary drug names. 
• Keep in mind, the title should not allude to a result or conclusion of the study. 

Abstract type 

All types of clinic-based and laboratory-based research projects relating to Chronic Lymphocytic Lymphoma (CLL) and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) are eligible for submission.

  • If a clinical trial, indicate if the trial has been registered, the registry, and the registration number.  
  • Figures and tables do not count towards the character count limit. 

Maximum file size is 10 MB and accepted formats are .jpg, .png, .pdf, and .doc