Hear From the Experts

Bio Ascend - Supplying HCPs with Engaging Video Options for Education at Their Convenience

Bio Ascend is committed to supporting healthcare providers in their efforts to translate innovative science into clinical practice. Our expert-led videos have two goals:

  • Educate and provide access to new data for community-based oncology clinicians
  • Help these clinicians implement the latest research findings into their practice

All enduring content can be accessed in our expansive video library. From accredited activities to informative and timely content, physicians who are looking to translate science into clinical practice have a myriad of options to choose from.

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Expert Insights – Discover key take-aways from satellite symposiums

Expert Insights is a recorded, 20-minute discussion between the symposium chair and a faculty expert. Their discussion highlights and summarizes the most clinically relevant data and key takeaways from the satellite symposium. Each Expert Insights is a CME certified activity and enduring content that is made available on the Bio Ascend website for one year.

  • GOAL:

    Disseminate important updates and data releases from major oncology congresses


    The ability to quickly and concisely share out very recently presented cutting-edge information


    Community physicians who typically do not have the time to attend large conferences gain access to what they may have missed


    Provide necessary data and direction on how to incorporate the latest data into a clinical practice

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Expert Video Library – A collection of informative enduring content

Search our vast video library which includes videos from all of our programs such as Podium-to-Practice and our Grand Round Series. You also find highly informative videos filmed at conferences such as LEAD and past webinars and webcasts you may have missed. Accreditation is available for labeled videos.